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Steiner Binoculars

Steiner's quality innovations include super tough rubber armoring, nitrogen filling, water pressure proofing to 5 meters and precision crafted Steiner lens coatings. Steiner also is known as the first company ever to integrate a compass into a binocular. Law enforcement professionals, hunters, boaters, hikers, birders and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world rely on our unmatched performance. Steiner offers the most advanced optics technology, precision manufacturing and the fact that many of our binoculars undergo the toughest U.S. Military spec. testing.

Steiner Merlin Series Binoculars
Premium optics, rugged and comfortable feel designed for birding and viewing wildlife.
Steiner Nighthunter XP Binoculars
The brightest optics for the darkest conditions. High resolution optics for hunting, military or professional use.
Steiner Peregrine XP Binoculars
Light transmission that allows faster discovery and location of wildlife hidden in foliage or shadows.
Steiner Accessories
We offer a wide selection of Steiner cases, straps & harnesses to better suit your needs.

Top Steiner Binoculars

About Binocular Specialists

Binocular Specialists is a small company in Columbia, MO that specializes in Steiner Binoculars. We pride ourselves in stocking every model and accessory, ready to ship the day you place your order and be in your hands two days later. We want to provide you with the best possible service, because we understand this is a large purchase of a very important piece of equipment. With 40 models to choose from, you can use our exclusive tools and definitions to pick the model that best suits your needs. Steiner puts decades of experience and a lot of work into designing and testing optics that fit specific your needs, educate yourself here at Binocular Specialists, and pick the model for you. We are here to help, our staff is small and very well trained, a knowledgeable person that can guide you through the process will be here when you are ready.
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