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Steiner Peregrine XP Binoculars

Steiner has developed the new Peregrine binocular, a new record in light transmission that allows faster discovery and location of wildlife hidden in foliage or shadows. The Peregrine binoculars will allow you to penetrate darkness better than any other roof-prism binocular. With their compact shape, you'll be able to take them anywhere and discover wildlife that will otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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Steiner 10x44 Peregrine XP (#814)
The 10x44 Peregrine keeps the viewing field width very high with an angle of 6.25°. The wide field, combined with 10x magnification makes the 10x44 XP the ideal binocular for up-close discovery. The 44mm lenses will deliver more light to your eyes than similar sized 10x40 or 10x42 models.
Steiner 8.5x50 Peregrine (#368)
Designed with the ideal balance between power, brightness and portability. Only weigh 30 ounces and can be comfortably worn on a neck strap or stored in a backpack.
Steiner 8x44 Peregrine XP (#804)
The advantage of the 8x Peregrine XP is clear; a wide (7.4°) viewing field offers quick location of subjects. The 8x magnification also results in a larger exit pupil which can make the view appear slightly brighter, especially if using the binocular with eyeglasses. The rich colors are complimented by the large, bright 44mm lenses.