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Zeiss Bino Harness Binoculars (#49 01 35) Image

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Zeiss Bino Harness Accessories (Zeiss #49 01 35)

Now: $25.00

  • Keeps binoculars close at hand for quick viewing
  • Adaptable to most any binocular
  • Great for cameras or rangefinders too
  • Ships Standard Ground if ordered by itself

Item Currently Out Of Stock

The Zeiss binocular strap system is ideal for anyone who has to carry binoculars for hours in the field. Adaptable to virtually any popular-size binocular, camera or range finder, it transfers the weight of optics from the neck to the shoulders. This greatly reduces fatigue and affords daylong carrying comfort.
Elasticized to ensure a comfortable fit, the Zeiss binocular strap system keeps expensive optics secure but allows for instant access. It's a secure investment in viewing comfort.