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Zeiss Diascope Digital Camera Adapter II Binoculars (#52 86 12) Image

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Zeiss Diascope Digital Camera Adapter II Accessories (Zeiss #52 86 12)

Now: $455.99

  • Converts Zeiss Diascope Spotting Scopes into super telephoto lenses
  • Applicable for Straight or Angled viewing Spotting Scopes
  • Takes both Digital Cameras and Video Cameras
  • Camera and scope not included
  • Ships Standard Ground if ordered by itself

Item Currently Out Of Stock

This bracket's primary intent was to facilitate placing a non-SLR digital camera near the eyepiece of a spotting scope, allowing you to record the images without having anything screwed into the digital camera's filter rings.

However, it is also possible to attach your Zeiss Diascope, as well as most other spotting scopes, to SLR cameras, digital point & shoot cameras or video cameras without the need to use a camera-specific attachment ring. This method provides better rigidity than any of the camera or scope-specific adapters, and rigidity of the unit in ultratelephoto photography is always a battle, but you'll need to have the recording device as close to the scope's eyepiece as possible to minimize the chance of vignetting. Additionally, if you're using this with an SLR camera, you'll need a true 1:1 macro lens which can focus upon the image being projected by the eyepiece.


Dimensions WxHxD:9.2 x 4.6 x 3.8" (234 x 118 x 96mm)
Weight:2.03 lb (920 g)